Hello gorgeous women everywhere. My name is Rachael Jardine and I am a your beauty expert, ready to elevate your beauty and confidence to new heights. 


"If eyes are the window to your soul then the brows are the framework to your face." - unknown


I have a passion for arts and a love for beauty. I am a classically trained pianist, singer and artist with a Degree in Visual Arts, Painting Studio from the University of Western Ontario. 


The world of beauty, fashion and makeup have always enthralled me.  It wasn’t until I had my eyebrows microbladed that I had my 'light bulb' moment and instantly knew, this was it!


Sharing the same confidence and empowerment I felt after having my eyebrows microbladed has become my mission. 


Elevated Beauty by Rachael is a chic, elegant and sophisticated studio where women come to feel relaxed and allow me to design and develop the brows, lashes and tiny tattoos they have always dreamed of.