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Fine line and tiny tattoos have always been popular, but in recent times they have exploded onto the tattoo scene. Instead of getting large traditional pieces, people are now turning to tiny tattoos because they take less time to complete, are sexy, trendy, fun, effortless, easy to wear and are not for women only (seriously, my husband is now covered in these tiny tattoos). I offer the spa experience in my chic, elegant studio while getting tattooed, which you will not find at a regular tattoo parlour.

The beauty of these tiny tattoos is that you can be more flexible with placement. You can hide smaller tattoos if you aren’t comfortable flaunting your ink or you can have them on more visible places. 

The length of time that it takes for your tiny tattoo will depend on your design. When it comes to small tattoos, there are different levels of complexity. On average, these pieces can range from 25 minutes to 1 hour. This doesn’t include the time it takes to design your piece but the actual tattooing time. Tiny tattoos have shorter tattooing times, which appeals to people with a lower pain tolerance. 

Tiny tattoos allow you to express yourself and give tribute to meaningful times, memories, things and personal relationships. Script is a popular option for tiny tattoos (spouses, parents and children’s names, birth dates, etc); as well as simple images, outlines, symbols, etc.

The beauty of a tiny tattoo is the fine line and delicate work. They are meant to be simple and not over complicated. 


When it comes to aftercare, less care is always more. Your body will adapt to the tiny tattoo, so don’t overdo it with lotions and moisturizers. 

Be sure to ask me about the Tiny Tattoo Bible- exclusive to you with 100's of designs. Can't find the right design? Type in tiny tattoo in Pinterest... the world is your oyster.

Check out my Instagram highlight reel and in-feed for my tiny tattoo work.

Is it too tiny for you? I also do fine line, minimalist tattoos that are much larger and have a clean, fine line aesthetic. 


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