A lash lift (also known as a lash perm) will instantly give your natural lashes extra curl, lift, definition and separation. It is a low maintenance alternative to lash extensions, lasting anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Unlike lash extensions you can wear regular non-oil based mascara, eye makeup, rub your eyes, etc. and your natural lashes are not impacted. It essentially gives the effect of using an eyelash curler paired with a great mascara, providing the appearance of longer lashes and brightening the entire eye area! After about 6-8 weeks (natural growth cycle of your lashes), you will start to notice new growth coming in which is when you will be ready for your next lash lift. 


Classic lash extensions are the most common and popular form of eyelash extensions; a method where one lash extension is glued to one natural hair, applying as many extensions as you have natural lashes. Classic lash extensions are best suited for clients who are looking for a defined curl, additional length and that look of mascara without having to use it. Lash extensions will last through a full growth cycle of natural lashes (6-8 weeks before fully falling out) and will require a fill every 2-4 weeks to keep them looking full. With extensions you should avoid sleeping on your face, refrain from all oil based face products, do not wear mascara (especially waterproof) and if you feel the need to, only apply to the tips (not recommended) Typically, if you feel the need to wear mascara with extensions you are probably due for a fill! I also recommend using an eyelash sealer daily to help protect them from moisture, oil and dust.